Klaus Adolf Marcuse

born 13 October 1921 in Fürstenwalde
died 1 November 2001 in England
historical former address Karlstraße 9
Stumbling stone Otto-Nuschke-Straße 9
Date of stone-laying 13 July 2007

Klaus Marcuse was born into a Jewish family in Fürstenwalde on 13 October 1921. His parents Alfred Roderick and Paula Marcuse (née Sternberg) owned a department store near the market square in Fürsten­walde. After the death of her father in 1925, Paula and her son Klaus continued to live in Fürstenwalde for a few more years. The family’s plan was for Klaus to take over the business in Fürsten­walde after completing his vocational training. However, in 1935, the family lost the department store as a result of “Aryanisation”.

Later, Klaus and his mother moved to Berlin-Spandau. Paula’s family lived there, and her brother Julius was the third-generation head of the family’s well-known department store “Kaufhaus M. K. Sternberg” at Breite Straße 21. Klaus attended the Stein-Hardenberg School together with his cousin Hans Sternberg; in 1935, however, both were forced to leave the school and finish their education at a private Jewish school.

After finishing school, Klaus began an apprentice­ship in Berlin-Wilmersdorf with M. Strauss & Co, a manufacturer of perfume atomisers. The “Aryanisation” of the business forced him to break off his apprenticeship. In 1938, Klaus fled to England with a “trainee permit” for an apprenticeship as a baker. In July 1948, he married Elisabeth Goldstein from Nuremberg in Hendon, Middlesex. With his son Paul and his grandson Oliver, Klaus visited Fürstenwalde in 2001. Klaus Marcuse died in England on 1 November 2001.

Family members:
Paula Marcuse née Sternberg