Sara Gumpert née Feilchenfeld

born 19 November 1858 in Frankfurt (Oder)
died 30 October 1942 in Theresienstadt
historical former address Am Markt 4
Stumbling stone Am Markt 4
Date of stone-laying planned

Sara Feilchenfeld was born into a Jewish family in Frankfurt (Oder) on 19 November 1858. With her husband Isidor, who was from Storkow, she first lived at Am Markt 4 in Fürsten­walde. Her eldest daughter Gertrud was born here on 15 January 1884. The family later moved to Berlin, where their second daughter Bertha Marta was born on 3 May 1889. The Gumpert family lived at Augusta­straße 85. A later address of the Gumpert couple was Bochumer Straße 18.

Isidor Gumpert died on 24 July 1923. Sara was deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp on 24 July 1942 and murdered there on 30 October 1942. Her daughter Bertha Marta shared the same fate. The elder daughter Gertrud chose suicide rather than deportation.

Family members:
Bertha Marta Gumpert
Gertrud Krebs née Gumpert