Willy Engel

born 14 December 1892 in Graudenz (Polish: Grudziądz)
died 26 May 1944 in Fürstenwalde
Historical former address Töpfergraben 4
Stumbling stone planned
Date of stone-laying planned

Willy Engel was born in Graudenz (Polish: Grudziądz) on 14 December 1892. After his marriage to Frieda Engel (née Bernstein), they lived in Fürstenwalde, where she worked as a photo­grapher and he as a teacher. The couple first lived at Rauener Straße 6, later at Töpfer­graben 4.

As Frieda came from a Jewish family, the couple faced a great deal of hostility, even though their “mixed marriage” was initially protected by law following the National Socialist seizure of power in 1933. Willy Engel refused to divorce his wife and was therefore dismissed as a teacher in accordance with the “Law for the Restoration of the Profess­ional Civil Service”. There is also evidence that Hulda and Rudolf Thrun were denounced to the authorities for serving Frieda Engel in their restaurant “Fliederhain” on 3 February 1941 – they lost their licence as a result.

Willy Engel died on 26 May 1944 in Fürsten­walde. Frieda went into hiding as soon as she had completed the arrangements for his funeral. She survived thanks to the support of acquaintances of hers and returned to Fürstenwalde after the war had ended.

Family members:
Frieda Engel née Bernstein