Frieda Eisig née Rosenthal

born 1881
died 1935 in Fürstenwalde
Historical former address Victoriastraße 13
Stumbling stone Friedrich‑Engels‑Straße, corner of Otto‑Nuschke‑Straße
Date of stone-laying 3 December 2019

Frieda Rosenthal was born into a Jewish family in 1881. Her parents died when Frieda was only two years old. Over the following years, Frieda and her sisters were brought up by their uncle and aunt. After her marriage, she lived with her husband Georg and their son Heinz at Victoriastraße 13 in Fürstenwalde. The couple owned a small linen store.

When the National Socialists seized power in 1933 and immediately called for a boycott of everything Jewish, business went from bad to worse. The atmosphere of rabble-rousing, together with the way Jews were being increasingly stripped of all their civil rights, drove Frieda Eisig to suicide. She took her own life on 18 May 1935 and was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Fürstenwalde. Her son Heinz managed to escape to New Zealand. He left Germany on 27 November 1936. Georg Eisig was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau on 26 February 1943 and murdered.

Family members:
Georg Eisig
Heinz Eisig