Walter Peter Theodor Brandt (formerly Cohn)

born born 13 November 1929 in Fürstenwalde
died 19 November 1991 in Auckland, New Zealand
Historical former address Lindenstraße 2, Ketschendorf
today Pappelweg 13, Fürstenwalde Sout
Stumbling stone Dr.-Wilhelm-Külz-Straße 43
Date of stone-laying 19 May 2022

Peter Cohn was born in Fürstenwalde on 13 November 1929. His father Walter Cohn, later known as Brandt, came from a Berlin-based Jewish family. His mother Luise (née Hennig) grew up in Falkenburg (Polish: Złocieniec). The family lived at Lindenstraße 2 on the housing estate “Eigene Scholle” in Ketschendorf. Peter had a half-brother on his mother’s side and two half-sisters on his father’s side, as well as a sister – Alice Maria Lilly, born on 12 April 1928. At some point, the family changed their last name from Cohn to Brandt.

After the National Socialists seized power in 1933, the Brandt parents decided to leave Germany. On 26 September 1934, the family emigrated to New Zealand via England, Canada and Hawaii. They landed in Auckland on 29 October 1934.

Luise and Walter bought a farm in Riverhead near Coatesville on North Island. They moved several times over the years. On 10 Septem­ber 1946, Peter was granted New Zealand citizenship. He married Mavis Adele Spencer, who had been born in 1933. The couple had three children – Luise, William and Theodore. Peter died in Auckland on 19 November 1991.

Family members:
Luise Brandt née  Henning (formerly Richnow, formerly Cohn)
Karl Walter Brandt (formerly Cohn)
Alice Maria Lilly Doole née Cohn (later Brandt)
Fred Ernst Richnow (formerly Fritz Ernst Hermann)