Albert Friedrich Karl Genz

born 10 April 1882 in Anklam
died 27 February 1938 in Fürstenwalde
historical former address Chausseestraße 32
Stumbling stone August-Bebel-Straße 32
Date of stone-laying 30 November 2005

Albert Genz was born in Anklam on 10 April 1882. A printer by trade, he worked in Greifswald and Swinemünde (Polish: Świnoujście). After three years’ military service with the 18th Grand Ducal Dragoon Regiment in Parchim, he moved to Fürstenwalde. Here he met his future wife Luise Marie Anna Ehling. They got married on 17 October 1908. Shortly afterwards, their son Fritz was born. The couple had three more children – two sons, Werner, born on 5 October 1910, and Heinz, born in 1912, as well as a daughter named Erna, born on 19 October 1913.

The family lived for a short while in Colditz in Saxony, but then returned to Fürstenwalde, where they lived in Petersdorfer Straße in Ketschendorf. The couple’s last address was Chausseestraße (today: August-Bebel-Straße). In Ketschendorf, Albert Genz was politically active and held several political offices at local level. Among other positions, he was chairman of the local branch of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and a municipal representative from 1924.

On account of his political activities, he was arrested in the spring of 1933 following the National Socialists’ seizure of power. He was imprisoned in the Sonnenburg (Polish: Słońsk) “re-education camp” until 1936. He was then sentenced to force labour, which he served in the maintenance and cleaning unit of the Pintsch company in Fürstenwalde. When he fell ill with pleurisy, he was denied medical attention. On 27 February 1938, Albert Genz died from the after-effects of his imprisonment and forced labour.