Johanna Gerber née Lewin

born 8 March 1873 in Krumfließ (Polish: Pokrzywnica)
died 24 March 1942 in Berlin
historical former address Eisenbahnstraße 28
Stumbling stone Eisenbahnstraße 122
Date of stone-laying 17 November 2009

Johanna Lewin was born into a Jewish family in Krumfließ (Polish: Pokrzywnica) in the district of Deutsch Krone (Polish: Wałcz) on 8 March 1873. Together with her husband Max, she ran a shop for women’s wear in Fürsten­walde’s Eisenbahnstraße – at number 28 as it then was. From 1942, the couple lived in Berlin. Following a fracture of her femoral neck, Johanna be­came bedridden. Access to medical care had been made difficult for Jews as early as 1938. Eventually, Johanna was admitted to the Jewish Hospital in Berlin. She died there on 24 March 1942 and was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee on 31 March. A few months later, on 19 Septem­ber 1942, Max Gerber was deported first to the Theresien­stadt Ghetto and then to the Treblinka extermination camp, where he was murdered.

Family members:
Max Gerber